Dykem Cross Check FAST Marker

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$9.27 *This is a special order item. Please call us at 866-354-9431 to order. Thank you!

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*Cross Check FAST is a special order item. Please call us at 866-354-9431 if you'd like to order. Also note that special orders have longer processing times, so please allow extra time for delivery. 

Available only in Orange. Prices are $9.27 per tube or $8.98 per tube when ordering 36 tubes or more.

This updated version of Dykem's popular Cross Check markers features a faster dry time. Cross Check FAST dries to the touch in 30 seconds. Fully cures within 24 hours.

Use Dykem's new Cross Check™ FAST Marker as a highly-visible method of detecting changes in torque that may affect safety or operation of mechanical equipment.

Simply squeeze the brightly-colored fluorescent paste in a line over nuts, bolts, or other fasteners. If they become loose due to vibration or tampering, the color mark will be broken.

Exceptional adhesion to metal and other substances. Safe on most surfaces. It is recommended that you run a surface test to determine compatibility prior to use.

1 oz tube.

-For a larger range of colors (with longer dry time), see the original Dykem Cross Check.
-For a Skydrol-resistant formula for use within the aviation industry, see the Dykem Cross Check Plus.

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