Posca MOP'R Squeezable Paint Marker, Round Tip, PCM-22

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The new MOP'R markers are here, taking Posca to a whole new level!

This latest addition to the Posca lineup is a special paint marker with an easily grippable body and rounded foam rubber pad tip. Designed not just for street artists, but as a unique tool for fine art and craft projects as well! 

MOP'R markers are excellent for creating expressive marks at any angle on multiple surfaces. The rounded tip is perfect for dots, bold lines, splatters and drip effects. Depending on how the tip is pressed, mark sizes can range from 3mm up to 19mm for larger drawings and wall murals. 

Water-based, pigmented paint is lightfast, water-resistant and suitable for use on nearly any surface. Opaque colors can be mixed while wet and overlaid when dry. Each MOP'R marker contains 70ml of paint, and the squeezable barrel gives great flow control.

Marks are permanent on porous surfaces such as paper and wood. To seal on fabrics, use an iron on the reverse side of the color to heat set. On non-porous surfaces, marks can be removed with cleaners, or made permanent by applying a top coat of acrylic sealer.

Surface note: If your project involves sliding a mop marker across a surface area, it's best if that surface is smooth. Too rough of a texture may damage mop-style tips.

Made in Japan.

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