Sakura Solid Low Halogen Marker

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Low Halogen Marker is a low-chloride and low-halogen solidified paint formula ideal for environments where corrosion & metal fatigue are a concern. Low Halogen Marker contains less halogens (Br, Cl, F, I) and less metal ingredients (Zn, Pb, Hg, Cu, Fe, S) meeting RDT F-7-3T requirements, and is certified non-toxic. 

This marker features a hand applicator with an easy twist-up mechanism that keeps paint ready to use. Paint dries in minutes, and is waterproof, fade and chemical resistant. Working temperature range of -40 to 212 degrees F, and is recommended for use on clean, dry surfaces. Alcohol-based cleaners will remove paint from non-porous surfaces.

Possible applications include: Stainless steel, petrochemical & refineries, energy & power generation plants, desalination plants, transportation infrastructure and aerospace.

Key Benefits
-No dripping or mess- mark upside down, sideways, at any angle
-Quick drying formula, usually dries within 5 to 10 minutes
-Permanent when dry, water-proof & fade-resistant
-Use indoors or outdoors
-Goes on smooth right from the start, just uncap and start marking
-Convenient twist-up mechanism advances marker material easily
-No hazardous material labeling or handling when needed

-Low-Chloride and low-halogen solid paint formula
-Content documentation available upon request
-13 mm wide tip, can be trimmed with blade for finer marks
-Working temperature range -40˚to 212˚ F (-40˚ to 100˚ C)
-Marker material can be removed from non-porous surfaces using alcohol-based cleaners or solvents
-Non-toxic formula, MSDS sheets upon request

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