U-Phase Wire Marker Set of 4- 3 Phase

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A 4-pack of the U-Phase Wire Markers for 3 Phase coding. Includes Brown, Orange, Yellow, and Gray.

Color phasing electrical panels, automotive wiring, and other wire circuit systems is easy with the new U-Phase Wire Marker! 

The unique U-shaped tip allows you to color around wires, cables, tubes, etc.- marking them with different colors for quick & easy identification. The tip's inner width measures about 1/4" of an inch.

Quicker, less expensive, and more practical than using vinyl tape! Also, no more need to purchase and carry color specific wire!

Marks with highly visible, quick-drying paint that permanently resists handling, heat, and UV light.

Made in the USA.

**Due to the ink contents of this marker being considered "Hazardous Material", these markers must be shipped via UPS only.**

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